Meet Overseer Jemmott

Meet Overseer Jemmott

Overseer H. Aurelia Jemmott is called for such a time as this to serve a generation through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. An energetic leader, she is known for her spirit of excellence and order. She is endowed with the gift of administration, preaches with power, teaches with authority, and counsels with compassion.

Overseer Jemmott has been in the business of kingdom-building for more than 25 years. She has preached, taught, and facilitated workshops throughout the United States. She has worked in various ministries – served as Sunday school and Bible study teacher, Women’s Ministry, Couples’ Ministry, Children’s Church director, among numerous other servant leader roles. In 2017, by the authority of Bishop Eric D. Garnes and witness of the General Board of United Covenant Churches of Christ (UCCC), she was appointed to the office of Overseer in the Lord’s Church.

Overseer Jemmott also served UCCC as the National Director of Logistics and Operations. She worked closely with Bishop Garnes and managed the logistics and staffing of the fellowship’s local and international conferences. Equipped with great wisdom and much patience, she was a steady arm that ensured that each event was carried out with the excellence for which UCCC is known.

Anointed for ministry to women who are broken, Overseer Jemmott takes every opportunity to minister inner healing to broken lives and to testify of the power of God and His ability to restore and transform lives. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of Mothering and Mentoring, Inc., a non-profit organization designed to inspire, motivate and nurture young women through personal development and one-on-one mentoring.

She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Brooklyn College and a Master of Social Work from Adelphi University.

Overseer Jemmott was married to the late Bishop Roberto Jemmott, former Senior Pastor of Nazareth Christian Fellowship. After 20+ years of serving alongside her husband as the Co-Pastor of Nazareth, she has the distinct honor of “carrying the mantle” as her husband’s successor.